Studio Art Class

With Catherine SB Min


  1. Saturday
    11am-2pm 2-5pm * For future Art majors, 4 hours class is recommended.
  2. Sunday
    12-2PM 2:15-4:15PM 4:30-6:30PM 3-6pm * For future Art Majors, 4 hours class is recommended.
  1. Monday through Friday
    Monday through Friday
    Prescheduled adult small group and portfolio private lessons only. *Please call for further information.
Please note

* Please email or call to register and reserve your space.

* Tuition is $65 for each 3 hour class
  -Indvidual lesson fees vary according to the programs.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions.
   We are flexible to create personalized class for  
   individuals or small groups as well.
   (including portfolio making and adult groups)

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